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Secrets of the Zodiac

Dive into the mysteries of the 12 zodiac signs – it is much deeper than you think.

You would be surprised to know how many Vedic Astrology enthusiasts have very little knowledge about the 12 rashis. We talk about them all the time, we hear about them everywhere, and yet our understanding often remains superficial. In this one-year long thought-provoking course, consisting of 14 lessons (one lesson per rashi and two additional in-depth sessions), you will re-discover the fundamental knowledge and uncover many less known secrets of the 12 zodiac signs. You will also learn some fascinating tools and techniques for prediction from the scriptures.

This workshop is open both for beginners, as well as seasoned students of astrology, who wish to review their foundations and re-discover a deeper meaning of each zodiac sign. We will cover many less known secrets of each rashi, such as its connection with Vedic deities, presiding form of Sun-god (Aditya), inner connection with chakra in our energy body and various ways of healing and uplifting the rashis in our birth chart, whenever they are suffering, suppressed or overcompensating.

Course features
14 classes
50+ hours
60+ pages
Study cases
12 quizzes (10 for now)