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32 Ganeshas and Karanas in Vedic Astrology

After our recent “Secrets of Panchang” course, during which we have touched upon the meaning of each of the elements of the five limbs of time, it is time to dive deeper into one specific part of it, which is still a very under-researched area of Vedic Astrology: 11 karanas and their connections to 32 forms of Ganapati.

Every limb of Panchang is presided by a specific deity. Tithis, or lunar days, are presided by Devi, while solar days (Vara) by Surya. Karanas are presided by Lord Ganesha, who is also a presiding deity of our root chakra. Similarly, Karana in Vedic Astrology gives us a better insight into how is the stability and earth element of each moment in time – including the moment you were born.

In the same way how each of 16 tithis is presided by one of the aspects of Divine Mother, known as Nitya Devis, also each of the “half-tithis” (unique tithi-karana combinations in Panchang) is presided by one of the 32 forms of Ganapati listed for the first time in Mudgala Purana.

In this 2-day workshop we will briefly cover the concept of karana, as well as dive into the characteristics and symbolism of each of the 32 forms of Ganapati, especially in the context of Vedic Astrology.

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28 Jul & 4 Aug 2024, 19:30 GMT+4