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Energy in Motion

Alchemy of Emotions

Did you ever wonder how some of your troubling emotions, such as fear, envy or anger can be seen in your birth chart?

Emotions are the energy in motion, and thus often become the driving forces in our lives. Some emotions uplift us and inspire us – while others, if not understood and channeled properly, can with time become like a chronic disease of the mind.

This particular workshop will be dedicated to understanding how our negative emotional patterns shape our lives and how to spot them in a birth chart. 5 modules of this workshop will be dedicated to identifying and understanding 5 key negative emotions that everyone may struggle with at some point and which can significantly impact some spheres of our life:

Lesson 1: Fear
Lesson 2: Greed
Lesson 3: Envy
Lesson 4: Anger
Lesson 5: Hatred

Every class will end with a short guided meditation focused on transforming those emotions.

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5 Classes
Guided meditations