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Ashtami Tithi &

Goddess Tvarita

The swift energy of eighth lunar day speeds up all inner and outer transformations, churns out our negativities, but also gives us the power to neutralise the inner and outer poisons. Goddess Tvarita inspires us not to be afraid of the natural process of evolution, transformation and progress and to welcome it in our life. Yet, the same energy, if not channeled consciously, can initially create too much stir in our life and energy field and create a lots of chaos.

Goddess Tvarita presides over Ashtami tithi – exactly on the half way of Moon’s journey from darkness to fullness or from fullness to re-union. If we would look at the sky on Ashtami tithi we would see exact half of the Moon. Goddess Tvarita is the form of Divine Mother, which balances the forces of darkness and light, chaos and order, creation and destruction. She doesn’t favour anybody. She is adorned both with snakes and with peacock feathers (peacocks are natural enemies of snakes). She shows us the way, how to honour both Light and Darkness. Not without a reason it is said that Shani (Saturn), the dispenser of justice, who always looks equally on everybody, was born on Ashtami tithi.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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