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Chandra – Moon

Inner Universe of our Mind

This webinar is a part of Navagrahas course and is exclusively dedicated to the Moon – graha that represents our feelings and desires, which shape our external reality.

In this webinar we are covering the following topics:

  • understanding the role of the Moon in Vedic Astrology
  • astronomical wonders of the Moon
  • The Moon-god, his birth and his love stories
  • the spiritual and astrological significance of tithis (the lunar phases)
  • how the movements of the Moon affect our energy body, psychology and physical body
  • the 15 Nitya Devis, the Eternal Goddesses of the lunar phases
  • the 27 nakshatras, who are the wives of the Moon
  • the characteristics of the Moon in Vedic Astrology (as per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra)
  • Moon’s cosmic influence
  • Moon’s influence on health
  • different yantras and mantras connected to Moon
  • gods and goddesses (adi devata, pratyadi devata, shaktis, dashavatar, mahavidyas) connected to the Moon
  • understanding the Moon through its nakshatras, weekdays, tithis, karanas, yogas and rashis
  • the basics of Navatara chakra and the deeper insights which can be learnt from it
  • understanding sensitive points in your personal birth chart
  • introduction to Vimshottari mahadasha (a 120-year long nakshatra based cycle) and methods of interpretation
  • introduction to Navamsha (D9 divisional chart) and its sensitive points with some basic methods of interpretation
  • understanding the present moment: muhurta and muhurta yogas
  • deeper insights into your personal lunar cycle (nakshatra pravesh and tithi pravesh)
  • how to heal the Moon in a birth chart
  • meditating with the Moon
  • other less known secrets of Moon
6+1 classes
22+ hours
200+ pages
Study cases