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Chaturdashi Tithi &

Goddess Jwalamalini

Chaturdashi tithi inspires us to let go of all the things that stand between us and our goals. It helps us to move forward in life and rise above our limitations and inner and outer obstacles, so we can move closer to fulfilment. Yet, sometimes it can make us also overly impatient, impulsive, self-centered and inconsiderate on the path towards our goals.

Goddess Jwalamalini, “garlanded with flames”, is the most intense of all Nitya Devis, which is revealed by Her standing position. Ruling the fourteenth lunar day along with Venus, standing in the circle of flames, and being connected to fourteenth kala of the Moon, angada (“self-sacrifice”), Goddess Jwalamalini represents the last stage of the Goddess before reaching fullness on the Full Moon day or union on the New Moon day: the stage of complete self-sacrifice and burning the ego in the flames of the Supreme Love. Goddess Jwalamalini represents fire of devotion, which is so intense that it burns all the karma. Interestingly, both tithis co-ruled by Venus are very strongly connected with our ability to sacrifice ourselves for the higher purpose – as, ultimately, this is exactly what Love is: a sacrifice of our own ego.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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