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Chaturti Tithi &

Goddess Bherunda

Bherunda Devi is the first “strict” form of the Divine Mother and She rules the first Rikta tithi or “empty” lunar day, which is connected to element of water and the purifying energy of moksha. Rikta tithis are considered auspicious only for activities related to purification, detox, demolition, destruction, cleaning and removal. Yet, even though they do not support us in any other activities on material level, they do help us a lot in our spiritual development and purification of our mind.

On Chaturti tithi, Bherunda Devi is inspiring us to bring more attention to all those spheres of our life, where energy is clogged and starts to spoil; where obstacles are dwelling or where the energy became “dirty”. She is the Goddess, who controls all the poisons – those which contaminate the body, and those that contaminate the mind. She inspires us to let go of all of them and allow them to emerge on the surface of our consciousness, so She can help us in removing them.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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