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Dashami Tithi &

Goddess Nitya

On the tenth lunar day the creative, dreamy energy of the Moon is the strongest. It can bring us some new insights and Divine inspiration, as well as deepen our connection with the voice of our intuition and the Spirit, but it can also make us a bit ungrounded and unrealistic, or even too self-centered and overly ambitious. We may have way too many thoughts on that day, too, which is why meditation can be so helpful.

Goddess Nitya is the storehouse of infinite information and akashic records. Her tantric name in 64 Yogini Namavali is Jnana-swarupini, “the embodiment of wisdom”. Yet, Her all-encompassing influence can be a bit overwhelming for the mind, as well, or even cause some confusion. Confusion, however, is just a sign, that some deeper truth is going to be revealed to us soon – it is a sign, that our mental energy is stirred and churned, so the essence can emerge. That is why people born on Dashami tithi are often a little bit indecisive, similarly like Panchami tithi natives, and tend to be confused about their path in life. But once they decide to truly listen to their intuition and inner guidance, as well as notice all the signs on their way, it is when life’s infinite possibilities truly unfold before them.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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