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Deep Secrets of Avastha

Inner State of Your Planets

Avastha is the primary tool in Vedic Astrology that helps us determine strengths and weaknesses of each planet, as well as its inborn state and psychological tendencies. Avastha (state) of the planet informs us to which event its desires and goals are going to be fulfilled, and to accurately pinpoint the potential sabotaging forces.

Grahas in strong avasthas often shower us with blessings – even though we might be least willing to improve in the areas of life they rule, due to underlying sense of pride or “knowing better”. Grahas in challenging avasthas, on the other hand, can often act as sabotaging forces due to sense of dissatisfaction, as well as compensate their lack of energy by affecting other grahas. Understanding those subtle motivations of the planets in our birth chart can often be greatly revealing and help us to understand our inner universe better.

On this workshop we will cover 4 basic types of Avastha, necessary to master for anybody practicing Vedic Astrology:

  • Baladi Avastha – the maturity of the planet
  • Jagratadi Avastha – the state of consciousness of the planet
  • Diptanadi Avastha – the level of satisfaction of the planet
  • Lajjitadi Avasha – the impact of planetary association

(We won’t be covering Sayanadi Avastha in this workshop.)

Course features
5 classes
9+ hours
Pre-read materials
Study cases & Mind Map
4 quizzes (2 for now)