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Ekadashi Tithi &

Goddess Nilapataka

Nilapataka is intense Goddess of eleventh lunar day, which is associated in Bhavishya Purana with eleven rudras, fierce forms of Shiva – God of ascetics, yogis, moksha, destruction and transformation. Similarly, the energy of Goddess Nilapataka is very intense and Her presence extremely powerful.

Ekadashi tithi, co-ruled by Mars and fire element, is a very transformative combination. Its intense heat was since ages harnessed by yogis for spiritual purposes: to fast, focus on meditation and purify the mind and the body from all the poisons. Dark blue Goddess Nilapataka inspires to be more withdrawn today, harness our inner fire and use the intense energy of that day for spiritual practice, detox or purification.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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Course features
2 hours
Chapter from 'Journey with the Moon' book
Study cases
Tithi yantra
Guided sadhana