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Time, Space & Consciousness

Space and Time are inseparable. The Cosmic Being, the embodiment of Time, as seen by Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita, has heads, hands and feet in all directions, pervading every corner of the universe. In Vedic philosophy every direction becomes thus a unique expression of the Divine in space and a Divine messenger of profound wisdom.

On this special workshop Achala (Vedic Astrologer) along with Govindadas (Vastu Expert) will shed a bit more light on the spiritual and astrological meaning of the 10 directions, along with their presiding deities. As usual, this workshop will be both rich in information, as well as thought provoking. You will also learn certain simple, yet powerful techniques for pacifying different directions in your birth chart (and bringing more light into them), as well as few unique, direction-based prashna techniques.

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3 classes
6+ hours
4 pages
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