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D20 Divisional Chart

Goddesses of the Vimshamsha Chart

Vimshamsha (D20) divisional chart is also known as the chart of our spiritual progress and our natural spiritual inclinations. According to sage Parashara there are 40 unique Goddesses presiding over 40 divisions of Vimshamsha chart. This means that every single planet in your birth chart has its presiding Goddess, who reveals to you not only the deeper spiritual lessons which every Graha brings into your life, but can even significantly alter the unique flavour of a Mahadasha of this planet in your life. These 40 Goddesses also play a very important role in understanding of spiritual lessons that different transits, eclipses and Full Moons and New Moons brings into our lives.

In this workshop we will focus specifically on decoding the meaning of those different Goddesses in our birth chart and in our life – which I find to be the most foundational knowledge necessary to begin understanding the D20 divisional chart.

You may find it helpful to do the Kalachakra Workshop (in which we talk about 8 Yoginis who are also present in D20 chart) and 10 Mahavidyas Workshop for better understanding of topics that I am referring to in this workshop.

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