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Journey with Goddess – Navaratri Workshop

Every year, during the sacred fortnight of the Goddess, known as Devi Paksha, for nine consecutive nights we invoke Her, meditate with Her and ask Her to help us transform ourselves. This sacred period is known as Navaratri – nine nights of the Goddess.

As a part of celebrations, it is a tradition to read some very specific chapters from Markandeya Purana known as Devi Mahatmya – the great story of the Goddess. The story itself is a vibrant metaphor of a psychological battle between our higher self and the three gunas. This is why it is divided into 3 parts: first part dedicated to Goddess Mahakali, who resides in our root chakra and helps us to overcome Tamo Guna, middle part dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi, who resides in our heart chakra and helps us overcome Rajo Guna and last, longest part dedicated to Goddess Mahasarasvati who resides at our third eye and helps us overcome Sattva Guna.

When we contemplate on this story and its deeper meaning and meditate with those forms of the Goddess during the days of Navaratri, we elevate our consciousness and purify our inner space – and entire nature supports us in that during this sacred time.

This meditative journey is especially recommended to those of you, who have any form of affliction caused by Mars, Moon, Rahu or Ketu. Sage Parashara specifically prescribed contemplation on Devi Mahatmya for those Grahas – because when we relive the battle between the Goddess and the demons in our imagination, we simultaneously purify the inner battlefield of our mind.


Podcast: Devi Mahatmya – Great Story of the Goddess

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