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Lunar Phases in Vedic Astrology

Journey with the Moon

The eternal dance of the Sun and the Moon, who are the celestial representatives of the Divine masculine principle (Shiva) and the Divine feminine principle (Shakti), has inspired yogis, rishis, astrologers, poets and seers since time immemorial. In Vedic Astrology, we call this unique relationship between your natal Sun and natal Moon a tithi, a lunar phase.

Lunar phase tells more about you than you think. Your unique birth tithi does not only reveal your deeper emotional make-up, but also tells a lot about how do you receive things in life: in relationships, in sphere of finances, in challenging life situations and even in spirituality. This unique lunar blue-print reveals you a completely new dimension of your birth chart and every moment in time.

On this fascinating journey with the Moon, consisting of 20 webinar sessions, you will finally learn how to effectively interpret the tithi in a birth chart. You will also learn how to study the muhurta or answer any prashna questions. But above all, you will learn what life lessons each tithi is bringing you everyday and how to be more in tune with the natural lunar cycle, in order to benefit from it spiritually and materially.

You can watch the free introductory class to the ‘Journey with the Moon’ course here.

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