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Dasha Mahavidyas

10 Mystical Goddesses

10 Mahavidyas are the mystical Goddesses of transcendental wisdom in tantric system of philosophy. Each of them represents different types of inner conflicts that a spiritual seeker may encounter on his/her path, and different types of divine knowledge that are needed to overcome them.

In Vedic Astrology, those occult Goddesses are directly linked to different grahas, nakshatras and even amshas in D20 chart, through which they send us silent guidelines and reminders as to what is needed at the moment to transcend the obstacles we are facing. In this short workshop we will dive into the deeper life lessons that each of these Goddesses is silently teaching us through different planets and stars, as well as we will link this occult knowledge with the wisdom of Kalachakra, to provide you a simple yet powerful tool helping to navigate from any inner conflict.

If you plan to join my future Goddesses of the Vimshamsha Chart workshop or “Goddesses of the Nakshatras”, it is highly recommended for you to first join this one.

Course features
2 classes
5+ hours