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Guided Meditations

Meditate with Kali

Goddess Kali helps us to transcend Tamo Guna, heal what is dark within us and embrace our shadows. This guided meditation with Mother Kali is specifically designed to neutralise the influence of negative thoughts, feelings or impressions to restore your inner balance and state of peace. It can be especially helpful during eclipse times, New Moon or challenging transits.

It is suggested that you find a very quiet, and ideally dark place, to practice this meditation, as this will allow your mind to release its tensions more effectively. As Mother Kali also represents deep sleep state of consciousness, this meditation can be also practiced right before going to sleep to bring more peace into your inner space.

Others said…

“Feeling blessed. I’ve let go of addictions after performing your guided meditation with Kali. Thanks again for your guidance and support.”
– Vignesh

“So very purifying, Achala ji. Thank you.”
– Johanna

“Lots of gratitude to you. Feeling truly blessed with your divine Maa Kali meditation. Music and sound of bells along with your sweet voice was awesome.”
– Savita

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