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Guided Meditations

Meditate with Lakshmi

I have been often recommending to people who would come to me for Vedic Astrology reading to meditate on the form of Goddess Lakshmi – the presiding Goddess of sattva guna, who makes our path more smooth, brings softness to what is harsh and sweetness to what became bitter. Meditation with Mother Lakshmi is especially uplifting for natives who have afflicted Moon or Venus in their birth chart, as it helps to open up the heart whenever it became closed.

Yet, soon I realised, that many people do not know how to meditate with Her – and sometimes it does not come to them easily. This is why I decided to gather together 6 most powerful meditations with Mother Lakshmi and record them in a form of guided meditations to make this process easier.

Guided meditations included:

  • Embodying Lakshmi – simple meditation with Mother Lakshmi and Her mudras
  • Lakshmi Mantra Meditation – visualisation accompanied with mantra meditation
  • In the Lap of Cosmic Mother – healing your inner child with Goddess Lakshmi
  • Liberating the Heart – healing your heart chakra while meditating on Mahalakshmi – most powerful form of Lakshmi
  • Harmonious Exchange – connecting with Goddess Lakshmi in order to become as natural as Her in giving and receiving
  • Healing Moon – meditation that helps pacify all our inner disturbances

Others said…

“Thank you, this meditation is really magical. So many unique experiences I had.”
– Utpal

“Thank you, Achalaji, for divine guided meditation, it was wonderful experience with your soothing voice.”
– Savita

“Feeling so blissful after the meditation.”
– Nishta

If you want to deepen your connection to Lakshmi even further, you are most welcome to join me on a 50-day long Meditative Journey with Lakshmi.

6 meditations
20+ min per meditation