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Meditative Journey with Lakshmi

I have been often recommending to people who would come to me for Vedic Astrology reading to meditate on the form of Goddess Lakshmi – the presiding Goddess of sattva guna, who makes our path more smooth, brings softness to what is harsh and sweetness to what became bitter. Meditation with Mother Lakshmi is especially uplifting for natives who have afflicted Moon or Venus in their birth chart, as it helps to open up the heart whenever it became closed.

This Meditative Journey with Lakshmi has been carefully and lovingly designed to help you to connect with her and especially heal Moon and Venus in your birth chart. Every session will consist of lecture, guided meditation and a self-inquiry exercise to help you unlock your heart chakra and all its hidden riches.

Seven live classes will take place on 21.08, 28.08, 4.09, 11.09, 18.09, 25.09 and conclude with final class on 9th October, auspicious Full Moon in Devi Paksha (fortnight of the Goddess), when we will do a Sri Yantra meditation. The entire cycle will take exactly 50 days to anchor the inner change. The number of days corresponds to the number of days (40) when Venus disappears from the sky and undergoes inner transformation.

Each class will take place at 19:30 Mauritius time. All classes will be also recorded and you will have lifetime access to them.

Course features
7 classes
6 guided meditations
Short Sri Yantra meditation
'Seated on a Lotus' ebook