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Nakshatra Based Prashna Techniques

Read the Moment
The moment a question is born, the universe already has the answer. Prashna is the art of finding the answers to your questions in the chart of a present moment. In this webinar you will learn a few simple yet extremely useful techniques that will help you start interpreting horary charts more effectively, and thus enriching your astrology practice.

Here are some of the techniques that you will learn on this workshop:

  • how to use trisphuta lagna
  • how to use Kalachakra principles in prashna chart
  • the use of Navatara in prashna chart
  • importance of sensitive points in prashna
  • the qualities of the nakshatras and refining the answers

This workshop is open for both the beginners in horary astrology as well as practising astrologers. Nonetheless, you will benefit from it more if you already have some basic knowledge of the nakshatras. It is highly recommended that before participating in this workshop you complete the Navatara Nakshatra Workshop and Kalachakra Workshop.

2 classes
4.5 hours
9 pages