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Navami Tithi &

Goddess Kulasundari

On Navami tithi our consciousness enters the level of deep sleep, where no images, no dreams and no actions occur. Within this deep sleep level, Goddess Kulasundari represents waking state. She stands for the sacredness of selfless action. Whenever we serve, truly from the heart, we never notice how time passes by, as our awareness of “I” is absent – we become completely absorbed in the action itself. Such a perfect state of mind creates a true flow and harmony in life.

Goddess Kulasundari is also said to be a manifestation of Saraswati – Goddess of learning, arts, sacred speech and Divine knowledge. Kulasundari Devi is often approached to give us ability to protect ourselves, as well as She helps children and youngsters in learning, giving them strength to study. Tantraraja says that Her sadhaka becomes all-knowing. All the Vedas are present in Her.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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Course features
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Chapter from 'Journey with the Moon' book
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