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Nourishing Your Light – Diwali Workshop

Every year, when New Moon occurs in Libra, Sun’s debilitation place and zodiacal heart chakra, we celebrate Diwali, a festival of light, to bring illumination into our homes and into our minds; to remind ourselves of our inner light. This year, as we are going to additionally experience solar eclipse in Libra on Diwali night, we all may need to make a little extra effort to nourish our hearts and our inner light.

In order to provide support to everyone during this transformational period, I offered 3 unique meditation sessions during 3 consecutive days which are sacred to Goddess Lakshmi. Each day, starting from Dhanteras, contemplate and meditate on the Goddess in Her powerful as Mahalakshmi and of course light the lamps for Her as an external symbol of nourishing our inner light. Everyone is most welcome to participate in this meditative journey.

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3 sessions
3 meditation sessions