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Panchami Tithi &

Goddess Vahnivasini

Vahnivasini means “the one, dwelling in fire”. She is the creative fire within us. Passionate nature of rajas guna connects on Panchami tithi with sensitivity and lightness of air element. Being connected with the element of air and planet Jupiter, Vahnivasini is much different from the intense heat of Kameshwari and Her passionate nature. Vahnivasini Devi has much more light, creative and inspired energy. Her tantric name in 64 Yogini Namavali is Shashini – “the swift one”. Like the fire of Goddess Kameshwari increases passion and guna of rajas within us, so the fire of Goddess Vahnivasini is more of a light-giver.

Exaggerated creative powers and sensitivity can also lead, however, to some indecisiveness. Combination of fire, ether and air makes creative powers of this lunar day sometimes a bit too “airy”, to the extent of losing focus on the goal. This is why people born on Panchami tithi can often be a bit of day-dreamers, with strong romantic nature. Sometimes they can be a bit too passive, as well, or overly optimistic. Once they focus on something, however, this is when their creative powers truly flourish. Overcoming the distracting energies of this lunar day and awakening within themselves focus and concentration (qualities of healthy fire element) on the goal will help them greatly.

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