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Pratipad Tithi &

Goddess Kameshwari

Pratipad tithi, due to its fiery, rajasic nature, is one of the most intense tithis, driven by desire to experience something new and filled with creative, vital powers. Yet, even though it is very stimulating for creative process, its energy is still too intense for any auspicious beginnings. But it is a perfect time to get in touch with our soul’s true desires and understand, what do we really expect from life.

Goddess Kameshwari clarifies our doubts, dispells all confusion and makes us see the truth, so we can make the right decision. With Sun being the planet of Her tithi, She makes visible all that is hidden. She gives form to all that is formless. She brings all secret desires to daylight, in order for us to fulfill them or purify our consciousness out of them. And as our desires define our personality to a very big extent, ultimately She helps us to understand ourselves on a much deeper level and guides us closer and closer to the core of our Soul – if we just allow ourselves to be guided by Her.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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Chapter from 'Journey with the Moon' book
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