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Purnima / Amavasya &

Goddess Citra

Full Moon and New Moon days always trigger some deep purification processes within us. Depending on the place in the zodiac they occur, their nakshatras and conjunctions, sometimes this process of bringing all processes to completion might be smooth and fulfilling, but often it turns out to be very intense and deep, which can make us easily irritated or impulsiveness. Full Moon and New Moon days are perfect timings for spiritual practice and deep introspection, but due to their intense energy they are not necessarily supportive for making important life decision or starting anything.

Goddess Citra represents the final stage of the journey of the Goddess: reaching the fullness or return to nothingness; complete light or complete darkness; unison or perfect octave – which are, in their essence, identical. The bright light of the Full Moon symbolises the highest octave of any colour; while the darkness of the New Moon symbolises all colours merged back together into the primordial darkness. The brightest shade of any colour is white. The darkest shade of any colour is black. Similarly, on Full Moon and New Moon day everything unites and dissolves, so something new may be born.

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