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Saptami Tithi &

Goddess Shivaduti

Seventh lunar day inspires us to be as strong, grounded, stable, patient, humble and confident as the earth – but it can also make us sometimes a bit too emotionally closed or even shallow, as well as too rigid. Too strong earth element can also make us too stubborn or too attached, especially to some of our habits from the past.

Goddess Shivaduti, ruling Bhadra tithi or lunar day connected to element of earth, is very closely connected to earthly vibrations, earth’s stability and firmness. She inspires us to be as grounded, humble, reliable and confident, as the ground beneath our feet is. Being connected to Shani, She also teaches us the value of loyalty and responsibility in all our relations. She always helps those, whose desires are righteous and who do good to others. She destroys all our inner evils, makes our character pleasant to all, as well as blesses Her sadhaka with material and spiritual wealth. In Tantraraja She is called the Destroyer of all wickedness, who is at the same time ever ready to bestow such objects of desire, which are pleasing to all.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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