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Key factors of Time

Secrets of Panchang

Some factors in our Vedic birth chart, which are not seen directly in the chart itself, play vital role in understanding the individual and one’s life path. Ancient seers gave a special importance to five key factors of Time, which are collectively called Panchang. Those five components defining the nature of every moment in Time are:

– Vara (solar day)
– Tithi (lunar day)
– Karana (half of the tithi)
– Nakshatra (constellation)
– Yoga (unique relation of Sun and Moon)

In this long awaited workshop we dive into each of those 5 components of Time and understand the calculations behind them, as well as their level of influence in our lives. This workshop won’t be oriented on analysis of the deeper meaning of each individual nakshatra, tithi or karana, as there are already other in-depth workshops dedicated to those existing on our Academy. We will focus instead on a more practical aspect of this knowledge and learn how to effectively apply the wisdom of Panchang while reading any chart.

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