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Shunya Dosha

Combination of Emptiness

Shunya Dosha is a fascinating phenomenon in Vedic Astrology. It is one of those secret, yet simple techniques, which gives you a deeper insight into some parts of yourself and often explains why certain Rashis or Nakshatras in your chart fail to deliver their results, even if at first glance everything looks perfectly fine.

Shunya Dosha is when a certain sign or Nakshatra becomes “empty” or “fruitless”, and it is always induced by either the tithi you were born at or the lunar month your were born in – even though the influence of those two is not always the same. Shunya Dosha in vast majority of the charts becomes at least to a certain extent alleviated by other planetary placements – yet it never remains without a meaning. Sometimes it is there to indicate to you that this part of life is simply not a part of your karma or destiny in this lifetime. And sometimes it points to you that you need to make some extra effort for this particular part of your life to work or become balanced.

During the upcoming short workshop dedicated to Shunya Dosha we will look into all those things and discuss in detail both psychological and external impact of its presence in your chart – along with the ways of uplifting it through simple remedies.

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