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Sacred Geometry

Sri Yantra Painting Meditation (Level 1)

Sri Yantra is the geometric manifestation of the all-pervading Divine Force and it has been worshipped and meditated upon since ages as the abode of Divine Goddess, Shakti. The ancient art of drawing and painting the Sri Yantra, or meditating with it, awakens many inner powers within the practitioner. Every constructed line and every brush stroke in this sacred practice brings another part of you-niverse into harmony, healing all your inner particles and bringing the mind into the state of perfect equilibrium.

Meditation with Sri Yantra, especially when it involves painting, is also amongst most powerful remedies for any troublesome astrological influence, for it balances the chakras in our energy body and brings forth the inner transformation, while establishing a stronger connection with the Divine within the practitioner.

In this short workshop, led by Govindadas, you will learn the most simple way to meditate with Sri Yantra, while colouring it, while learning some of its secrets on the way. This technique, involving affirmations, is based on the teachings of our Gurudev, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and can be used on a regular basis as a personal meditation practice.

*Sri Yantra workshops are the only workshops excluded from Academy memberships.

If you wish to deepen your knowledge and connection with Sri Yantra, we recommend you to enrol for Sri Yantra Painting Meditation Level 2

Course features
Single class
3 hours
Sri Yantra stencil
Guided meditation