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Psychology of the Universe

Three Gunas

The Gunas, also known as three modes of material nature (Prakriti) operate in every moment of our life. They set our thoughts, words and actions in motion.

In yogic tradition these three Gunas are seen as three expansions of the Supreme Goddess, Mother Nature Herself, and are directly connected to different parts of our brain and modes of our nervous system. Each of them is sacred and each of them plays an important role in Divine Creation.

We will focus on:

  • Role of Gunas in Cosmology. How through the Gunas the Spirit expresses itself in the world of matter (also in our daily life), as seen through ancient myths.
  • Gunas in Bhagavad Gita. The profound explanations of Lord Krishna.
  • The spiritual quest of transcending the Gunas as described in Devi Mahatmya (“The Story of the Goddess”). Demistifying role of the three Gunas in our energy body.
    How three Gunas mix and blend together.

  • Gunas in psychology and neuroscience. With simple practical exercises helping you “shift” to another mode.
  • Gunas in Vedic Astrology. Determining with precision how three Gunas manifest in various areas of your life.
3 classes
7.5 hours
10 pages
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