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Tritiya Tithi &

Goddess Nityaklinna

Nityaklinna means “eternally wet”. Goddess in this form is always moist, which represents Her fertility, as well as compassion. Some interpret Her moisture as reproductive fluid and some interpret it as drops of sweat – as Mangal (Mars) is co-ruling third lunar day along with Her and he was born out of drop of Shiva’s sweat, which fallen on the surface of earth. But, above all, Goddess Nityaklinna is always wet with compassion – similarly like Mother Lakshmi, often addressed as Ardre (“moist one”) in Sri Suktam, which invokes the moisture of Her mercy. After all, the kala of the Moon on Tritiya tithi is pusha – the quality of nourishing.

Tritiya tithi is a day to make your conscious effort to bring things together, to heal what was broken, with the power of love and compassion. Goddess Nityaklinna will try to inspire you on her lunar day to learn how to sustain and nourish relationships wisely in your life. This day can also make us, though, overly passive, as well as oversensitive.

This class is a part of Journey with the Moon course.

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