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Uttarashadha Nakshatra

Vishwadevas, universal gods, who are presiding deities of Uttarashadha nakshatra, represent collective powers of heavens, all the gods united together working for a common goal. In the microcosm of our energy body they represent all our inner forces and energies getting mobilised and united together for a common goal. No wonder Uttarashadha means “ultimate victory” – people born under the influence of this lunar mansion are very goal and victory oriented, as well as have the talent to mobilise others to work together for some higher goal.

Yet, Uttarashadha nakshatra natives are not necessarily team-players. They are self-motivated and independent in nature, born to be leaders, not the followers or even co-workers. Often multitalented, like multi-faceted Vishwadevas, Uttarashadha nakshatra natives prefer to do everything by themselves rather than to delegate their work to others. This makes Uttarashadha also one of the most lonely lunar mansions and particularly difficult when it comes to relationships. People born under this influence need to learn how to cooperate with others more.

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