You have just joined the Academy and are wondering how to navigate through it? Or perhaps you are experiencing some technical issue? You will most likely find the answers to all your questions here!

Do I need to register my account again if I purchased from you in the past?

Yes. If you have purchased any course on our other websites (shop.discoveringyouniverse.com or 4harmony.eu), you will need to create a new account on the Academy page. Here, we are using a different management system for online learning. You will need to set up your own username and password (which you never had to do in the past) to log in and access your courses.

If I have already purchased one or more courses from you in the past, how do I access it on the Academy platform?

Register your account by creating a username and password. Once you've done that, please send us your username and the list of previously purchased courses at info@discoveringyouniverse.com and we will manually grant you access to those.

How do I enrol for a new course?

Select a course you wish to enrol. Once you have landed on that page, select "Take this Course". If you are not registered, you will be prompted to firstly create the account. After that, you will be automatically taken to PayPal checkout page. If you have already registered an account with us, click "Login".

You will then be automatically taken to PayPal checkout page. After you complete the purchase, you will be automatically redirected back to the Academy website.

How will I get access to the course?

Once you have completed the purchase and registered an account with us, you will immediately have access to the course. The quickest way to access your courses is via your dashboard.

Can I get a discount?

It depends on the circumstances. It is sometimes possible if you would like to purchase more than one course. Please send us an email before placing an order and we can find the best pricing option for you.

Please think twice before you ask for a huge discount such as a 50% off as this is highly disrespectful to both the teacher and the knowledge itself.

Can I pay in instalment?

Yes, you may pay for the course(s) in instalments. Please send us an email to discuss.

What is your refund policy?

There won't be any refunds on memberships or courses, since many people could abuse the situation. By enrolling to any of the membership plans or purchasing a course you automatically agree to these conditions. Kindly make sure that you make a deliberate decision.

How do I know which course is for me?

We understand that 50+ courses and workshops is a lot and that it may be hard for you to decide what to study first. To help you out, we created a simple course classification that might help you decide how to go about your learning journey.

Do we get study materials?

Various types of written materials and manuals are included in the majority of our courses. On every course page, you will see course features such as the number of lessons, duration of each webinar and types course materials.

Are course materials downloadable?

Majority of our courses offer selection of downloadable written materials (this does not include PDF slides from webinars). Video recordings are not downloadable for offline watching.

Is there any homework?

It depends on the course. Some courses have homework, and some don’t. Although homework is never obligatory, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Can I ask a question during the course?

Yes. You are more than welcome to ask any question during the live session on Zoom! If you are watching a recorded course, you are also welcome to email us with your questions at info@discoveringyouniverse.com.

However, if you send us a lot of questions that require elaborate answers, that are not entirely related to the course, or that are about the individual case, please consider booking a private session.

What is the next step on your roadmap?

Podcasts and personal tutoring plans.

We are working on making smooth transition for all Patreon subscribers to the Academy. The next step in that direction is adding podcasts to all membership plans at the Academy. Do not worry, price of membership plans will stay the same after adding the podcasts.

Personal tutoring plans will be a separate membership option that you will be able to enroll to.

Why was Academy membership created?

Youniverse Academy offers an extensive catalogue of more than 50 courses and workshops. Sometimes it is hard to choose in which course you want to invest your time and money first. With the Academy Membership you can roam throughout Vedic knowledge offered, and find what interests you the most.

Additionally, for those who might not be able to afford one-time payment solutions, Academy Membership offers a possibility to study what is most important for you at a pace which is more affordable.

I already purchased several courses from you. Do I get a discount for membership plans?

If you have purchased a number of courses from us previously, you might be eligible for a membership discount. Discount percentage depends on total value of purchased courses:

1) total value of £600-950 gives you 15% discount on all membership plans
2) total value of £950-1300 gives you 25% discount on all membership plans
3) total value of £1300+ gives you 35% discount on all membership plans

To claim your discount, please contact us at info@discoveringyouniverse.com

I am a Patreon subscriber. Do I get a discount for the Academy membership?

If you are a Patreon subscriber, you might be eligible for a membership discount. Eligibility and discount percentage depends on duration and tier of your current Patreon subscription.

If you would like to enroll to Academy membership, please contact us at info@discoveringyouniverse.com and we will assess your eligiblity.

I am a Patreon subscriber. Should I switch to the Academy membership?

There is no uniform answer to this question. Patreon and Academy membership options are quite different at the moment. Main differences are:

1) Academy memberships offer access to all our courses, while Patreon membership offers a possibility to access only a selection of webinars
2) Patreon membership plans give you access to monthly podcasts and articles, which are not made available at the Academy

Making all Patreon membership features available at the Academy is on our roadmap, but we cannot guarantee when it will be ready.

What happens to my previously purchased courses if I enroll for a membership now?

If you have purchased a course through one-time purchase which gives you a lifetime access, you will retain your lifetime access for this particular course, even if you enroll for a membership and cancel it later.

I was a member for a few months. Can I have a discount to buy courses with lifetime access?

If you plan to cancel your membership, but you particularly like a certain course and would like to have a lifetime access for it, you may be eligible for a discount.

You have to be enrolled in any membership plan (Seeker, Inquirer or Aspirant) for a minimum of 12 months in order to be eligible for a discount for purcasing courses with lifetime access.

After first year of membership, you are eligible for 15% discount on any course with lifetime access. Every next year of membership enrollment grants you 5% extra discount.